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While some of you may already know me, whether it be because I help keep your home(stead) beautiful, we’re related, or you just love me for the rough-edged, sometimes snarky and a little profane, always honest and eager-to-share person I am, many of you don’t fall into any of those categories.  So, a word about what I’m doing here.   

This blog won’t be for everyone, and won’t always, or even often, be related to landscaping.  I have been a writer even longer than I’ve been playing in the dirt, and it’s time I put some of my writing “out there”. The following “Roots” entry will share some of my background and a few tidbits about how I got to be “me”.   You may notice a “flavor” to my writing - in addition to its length - a style with the occasional (apparently insensitive) colloquialism, or saying with which I was brought up.  I don’t use the doozies, not to worry.  But if you heard me speak, well, there would be more “color”, and a few sayings that might make you chuckle or do a double take.  I had a reputation in college for what my husband now calls “hillisms”.  Yeah, we’ll get there.  Someday I hope to write a dictionary of the things.   

But, to be clear, I haven’t religiously followed other blogs.  In fact, I don’t spend much time on the computer (or internet via my phone) at all if it doesn’t involve work, my addiction to Longmire, tracking the weather (or our kids), bookkeeping, searching a good recipe, emailing, doing taxes…or writing…so forgive me (or don’t) if I don’t follow protocol or adhere to accepted procedure.  That isn’t my way in most cases, since I usually do a wee bit of research on something, dive in, learn from my successes and failures, adapt and then master a system that works for me.  

That’s the sort of old school wisdom, if you will, that I intend to share here, unapologetically, with the occasional half-hearted apology for those who notice holes in my reasoning or methods.  An expert I am not.  A psychologist, licensed therapist, childhood educator, certified, well…almost anything…nope. I’ll get to what I AM. I work not to identify too much with these things, but they will give you a lens through which to view my upcoming missives.  

I’m told it goes without saying, and will still happen, but what I write here is totally mine, totally original, and it is totally not OK to copy it, or any of the images shared here, which are either taken by me or credited appropriately.  If you want to share what I’ve shared, please do so by giving me credit for publishing it.  Like many wanna-be writers out there, I am an actual writer who wants-to-be a published, real, money-earning writer.  Thanks in advance for respecting that.   

I also encourage your questions and comments, your personal emails etc.  I assume I’ll be able to take the negative ones, but that has yet to be seen.  Honesty is my thing, and if I’m honest, I have to welcome honesty. 

Not the last of the gratitude I will express goes to Andrew Gard for helping me make this website a reality, and to the late Jim Jungwirth for lighting a writing fire under my rear…I figure he’s still reading over my shoulder…


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