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Back in the day, many days ago, Tawnya began her own garden at the age of 12.  Strawberries in a barrel, raised beds full of broccoli, burgeoning tomato plants. All of this in the heat of her mountain valley town in Northern California.  Tawnya is the 4th generation of folks who helped settle that little farming valley, and has dirt in her veins.  

From 4-H and FFA, her own childhood backyard full of turkeys, sheep, dogs, cats, and a beautiful garden, to her permaculture design course at Sandy Bar Ranch in Orleans, CA to her lush acre full of food and beloved chickens here in north east Kalispell, MT, Tawnya has found herself lucky enough to create a livelihood around doing what she does best…playing in the dirt! 

At Heartstead Home & Garden, we are real people working with and for real people.  Some of our clients join us out in their yards, and teaching folks about plants and food is always a priority.   

What makes Tawnya and Heartstead special is her drive to make your place as well loved as her own.  She is passionate about beauty, healthy plants and bountiful gardens, and it shows!

Tawnya’s first passion (after family, hunting, hiking, writing and a good burger of course!) is growing food!  She is a permaculture trained gardener with five years experience growing veggies, herbs and ornamentals in northwest Montana.  She has owned and operated her landscaping business for four out of those five years, and maintains 15-20 properties every growing season.  Her clients are primarily in Whitefish, MT, but she also does larger projects throughout the valley as the need arises.

Tawnya brings her permaculture training to every job, and while not every property is a candidate for a full overhaul, having those principles in mind is helpful for both the environment and for your pocketbook.



What we do:

* Food, flower, pollinator, native, tree and even sod installation

* Food gardening consultations and classes - my farm or yours

* Perennial bed revivals and rehabs

* Small scale rock work (see gallery!)

* Spring and fall clean-ups 

* Fruit tree pruning

* Weekly yard maintenance - mowing, weeding, watering, fertilizing, caretaking, leaf removal

* Small lawn maintenance - (mostly) organic and eco-friendly.  If you desire the "perfect" lawn, we do contract with a company since that is difficult without chemicals, and we DO NOT apply chemicals that are not OMRI certified.

* Management of your irrigation system - small repairs, contract with company for insured spring "turn-on" and fall "blow-out" - timing is everything in Montana!

* Debris hauling - "you name it" - we have even hauled away roadkill  

* Fuels reduction and forest thinning to maintain defensible space around your home

* Winter caretaking including small scale snow removal for seasonal clients (done weekly)

* Minor "handy man" type repairs

* Interim property management (while your home is for sale, I will check in weekly and communicate with you and your realtor if you are out of the area and anything needs addressed) 

* Egg and produce deliveries optional for existing clients only

*If you don't see what you need listed here, let me know! I probably do it or know someone who does.


Heartstead has a competitive hourly rate for time and materials on most jobs.  Billing in advance and or  by the job is available with an approved estimate.  Call or email for a quote today! We bill monthly via email and accept ACH and check payments, as well as credit cards with a 3% fee. 

Areas we cover in the Flathead Valley:

Most of our clients are in Whitefish, MT.  We do have a few in Kalispell. Call for a quote if you're  outside those areas.  Drive time may be additional. 

Questions: Don't see yours answered here? Call Tawnya at (406) 471-0022